THE LINE:  Stretching through the parking lot at Hunka Pie

  • Kat Robinson
  • THE LINE: Stretching through the parking lot at Hunka Pie

Insane, compulsive or just up for a challenge? Whatever the reason, Chris Monroe met the deadline, making 100 pies in just under 13 hours overnight. Right now, those pies are being sliced up, sold and served at Hunka Pie on Cantrell Road.

I arrived 10 minutes until noon and discovered the dozen or so people already in line were already being served up hunks o’ pie at the rate of $3.50 a slice or $20 for six slices. Behind the big glass windows Chris and his two pie-slinging compadres were taking orders, calling them, slicing them, boxing them and sliding them out the window at a frenetic pace. Pies are on every surface — some in boxes, some in the pie case, some on counters, some on the stove — there are even pies in the drinks case. I can quite honestly say I’ve never seen so many pies in one place in my life.

ALMOST SAVORY:  Cherry Chipotle at Hunka Pie.

I’m sampling some myself. Call it research. I’ll save one of my favorites, Pear Ginger, for later (I actually passed on my other favorite, French Blackberry, so I could try some new ones). Brought home Velvet Lips Chocolate Cream for the hubster and four pies I haven’t tried — Sugar, Pumpkin Cream Cheese, Macadamia Nut and Cherry Chipotle. Research, of course, is done at a leisurely pace.

No leisurely pace over at Hunka Pie. Folks were parking a block away when I left. The deal’s supposed to run until 6 p.m. tonight but if the crowd continues its swarm I have a feeling Chris will be closing early. If you’re going to go, go now. More photos on Facebook.