Hard Knocks: A Decade Of NFL Training Camps image

  • Via HBO
  • Nick Mangold looks into a ‘Hard Knocks’ camera.

Yeah, yeah the NFL and the players union agreed to a new collective bargaining agreement and averted ruining Sunday, Monday night and a lot of Thursday nights for everyone. But they messed around with the negotiations so long that they still ruined my favorite part of recent seasons — “Hard Knocks” on HBO. No 4th quarter comeback could ever match the joy I got out of Antonio Cromartie struggling to remember the name of all his children or Rex Ryan cursing hilariously during last season with the Jets. But because there wasn’t a sufficiently long preseason HBO skipped it, opting instead for a clip-show of sorts that’ll look back at the last decade of “Hard Knocks” season.

The hit that ended Lucas’ career that “Hard Knocks” captured in 2002 will be included in the round-up. According to the Little Rock Chamber, the segment will include follow-up with Lucas and his more recent work with D1 Sports Training and Therapy in Little Rock.

“Hard Knocks: A Decade Of NFL Training Camps” airs at 9 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 31 on HBO.