In its latest video, Ear Fear’s 607 shoots from the hip on a range of topics that spring from negative reactions he says he’s gotten for the Ear Fear song “New N***az.” If you listen to the lyrics closely, it’s a song about the oppresive nature of poverty and how the poor, of all races, have become the “new n***az” of society, 607 explains. That he’s gotten push back from the song online and locally (he calls out local rapper Epiphany by name) is a sign that either listeners don’t understand or they’re afraid. “Fear is the enemy of art,” he says several times. Eventually, he gets into a Richard Florida-style riff on how a good city becomes great through art and good public transpo.


607 is a good talker. I’d watch this kinda stuff every week.

Also, Bobby has a new, really well-done video. I really like the transition into the hook. More Levelle Davison!


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