Cory Branan played a nice, long set last night at White Water Tavern, rolling through a number of new songs and throwing in old favorites as well. It was the perfect atmosphere for a show on a muggy summer night. A lot of people showed up, but not too many to call it crowded. Some folks stood in front of the stage as Branan crooned, but others just sat back and enjoyed the music, sipping beers in between chatting with friends. The set included “Daddy Was a Sky-writer,” “Free Fall,” “Prettiest Waitress in Memphis,” “The Corner” and a great rendition of a Townes Van Zandt tune, along with a host of others. Branan played a few songs off his newest record which will come out soon, he said. The album’s been done for over a year, just waiting for the right record deal to come along. It looks like it finally has.

On the jump, Branan channels Tom Waits in a song off the upcoming release.