SHARP:  Nice bite of Jack cheese in Juanitas Mesa White Cheese Dip.

  • Kat Robinson
  • SHARP: Nice bite of Jack cheese in Juanita’s Mesa White Cheese Dip.

Guilty, guilty, guilty. That’s what I am when it comes to Juanita’s Mexican Cantina. No, I wasn’t involved in any nefarious activities between a band and its groupies on a rainy Saturday night when the wind was blowing hard… I have plausible deniability there. What I am guilty of is overlooking food at the longtime Arkansas hangout.


Especially this fabulous cheese dip, which really isn’t Juanita’s cheese dip but that old Jack-heavy eat-it-with-a-fork variety you used to get at the Blue Mesa Grill. The original Juanita’s dip was decent. This is marvelous.