Take Shelter poster image

New York magazine critic David Edelstein is way high on Jeff Nichols’ new one, tentatively slated to open at the Rave in Little Rock on Oct. 28. He thinks Mike Shannon, who plays the lead in “Take Shelter,” may be on his way to a second Oscar nomination for the role.


It’s the magazine’s feature review this week.

Shotgun Stories centered on a feud between two sets of half-brothers, and it captured the connection between fatherlessness and the impulse to wreak vengeance like no American film I’ve seen. The obvious comparison to Take Shelter is Todd Haynes’s Safe, in which a woman (Julianne Moore) is slowly dying from modern life. The male version comes a decade and a half later, at a time when the Book of Revelation has entered mainstream politics, when each year brings a new prediction of the exact date the world will end, when hurricanes and floods and earthquakes and heat waves and melting ice caps and industrial accidents and no jobs and Michele Bachmann’s crazy eyes are fixtures of our conscious and possibly unconscious lives. The end of Take Shelter is … we’ll talk after you see it. But it doesn’t come from nowhere. This is a terrific monster-movie manqué—a pure distillation of portent.

Nichols’ third film, “MUD,” went into production today in southeast Arkansas.