Volunteers at the seawall

  • Volunteers at the seawall

Artist V.L. Cox and a volunteer crew could use more company in their work refurbishing the mural on the North Little Rock seawall. The mural — on 30 by 8 foot panels — was designed and painted by Betty Dortch Russell and Marge Holman in 1962. (Go here for more information.) It got a facelift in 2001 and is getting retouched again under Cox’s direction.


Cox is working there now as I type, and will return in the morning at 8 a.m. The NLR Women’s Club has been feeding volunteers pimiento cheese and ham and cheese sandwiches, and there will be other refreshments.

Here’s how it’s working best, Cox said: Each volunteer gets a color and works in the part of the mural that needs that color! Work should continue thru Saturday.