The Lemonheads play Revolution Friday night.

  • The Lemonheads play Revolution Friday night.

9 p.m. Revolution. $15.


Man, this is a good week for those poor lost souls still pining for ye olde college rocke sounds of yore, back before beards and animal-related band names became mandatory. Maybe these shows will even dry some leftover tears caused by R.E.M.’s breakup.

The Lemonheads — led by alterna-hunk Evan Dando — weren’t really on my radar back in the ’90s, unappreciative as I was of music that wasn’t hard, fast and loud. Even though I never listened to the band back then, I was aware that there seemed to be a great deal of hostility directed toward Dando. Semi-famous musicians wrote horrible things about him in their ‘zines and sometimes on their instruments.


I never understood that animus. Maybe back then things were so good that people had the luxury of hating a tall, handsome, drug-addled rock star for no other reason than that he was a tall, handsome, drug-addled rock star. Just check out the clip online of Dando on “Live with Regis and Kathie Lee.” He’s such a goofy, amiable dude and he wrote good songs. How could anybody have a beef with that guy?

The band will perform its breakout 1992 long-player “It’s a Shame About Ray” in its entirety. The Shining Twins and the totally excellent (seriously!) Little Rock act The Evelyns open the show.