Jeff Nichols

  • Jeff Nichols

Photos from the set of Jeff Nichols’ new film “Mud” continue to trickle out of Dumas, where the Arkansas filmmaker is shooting his third feature — his follow up to the critically-acclaimed “Take Shelter,” which won big at Cannes and is getting some early awards buzz. Read Lindsey Millar’s Q&A with Nichols from back in June here. The online celebrity press is also taking notice, including the website Celebuzz’s spread of paparazzi-style photos of “Mud” star Reese Witherspoon coming out of what looks like a motel while made up with two black eyes.

The best part of the Celebuzz’s photos: the “GET THE LOOK!” tab, which includes online sources for the tank top and ragged jean shorts Witherspoon is wearing, but doesn’t include instructions on how to acquire those honkin’ shiners.