MEATBALLS:  Wrapped in bacon and more.

  • Wilfred Reinke
  • MEATBALLS: Wrapped in bacon and more.

This little item here is bound to get your attention the next few days, if you’re interested in Arkansas State Fair food. It’s a MOINK Ball, and it’s being offered up by the folks at Smoke Stack BBQ at the fair this year. So far, this seems to be the food folks are going to be talking about.


More savory than the Pig Licker, more likely to be consumed than an Elvis Sandwich and probably less healthy than the Cabritas Wrap, this is an all-beef meatball wrapped in bacon and covered in a barbecue sauce and rub. Some versions are sweet while others are more like a tiny Salisbury steak. Which will this version be? I won’t know until one of my stand-in tasters can try it for me; the presence of bacon means I won’t be enjoying it… that is, unless they make a turkey bacon version.

Then again, I doubt it. The term MOINK comes from the idea that this is a cow and pig creation — “Moo” and “Oink,” get it? Want to learn how to make them yourself? Check out this link.


More of what’s coming out at the Arkansas State Fair this year, later today.