BIG CHALLENGE:  The pizzas will be twice this size.

  • Grav Weldon
  • BIG CHALLENGE: The pizzas will be twice this size.

The guts and the glory. We’re not talking about just football here — we’re talking about a challenge that will pit Lavaca’s football team against the team from Charleston in an epic battle — over a dinner table at Steffey’s Pizza.

Monday night at 7 p.m. four players from each team will see who can eat a 10 pound Uncle Roman pizza the quickest. I’ve talked about the Uncle Roman before — the regular sized version could be one of the state’s best pizzas. But the pizzas put before each team will be veritable monsters, ten pounds of double crusted sauce and cheese packed pizza guaranteed to fill these kids up. If for some reason there’s a tie, a coach from each team will go head to head to see who can eat a pizza sub the quickest.

I’ve had the Uncle Roman — the normal sized version is cooked in a 12″ skillet. I can’t really eat more than one slice at a sitting. The pizzas they’ll be making for Monday’s event will be 17″ across. Gee. The winning team gets a pizza party for the whole team. That’s some gridiron glory right there.