Allman Brothers image

9 p.m. White Water Tavern. $5.

In 10 years of existence, the Arkansas Community Arts Cooperative hosted punk rock proms, put on fashion shows, booked touring bands, threw art shows and screened indie movies. The group called it quits earlier this year, but lives on in spirit through a tradition it started eight years ago, when it convinced a handful of local bands to dress up like famous bands from past and present and cover their songs. The show was always an event even if local acts were terribly unprepared. Several years back, White Water Tavern started hosting similar shows, but usually featuring only bands that were really, really serious about doing justice to whatever band they were impersonating (remember The Boondogs as Fleetwood Mac? Good Fear as Six Tom Pettys and the Heartbreaker?). Now comes a group of local musicians who’re poised to do more justice to their source material than anyone who’s come before. The players include most of Amasa Hines (and formerly The Natives and Romany Rye): Whitman Bransford (keys), Ryan Hitt (bass), Judson Spillyards (guitar) and Joshua Spillyards (drums). Plus Arkansas guitar god Greg Spradlin and Velvet Kente’s polyrhythmic drummer Jamal. That, friends, is a badass group of players, and the same instrumental line-up the classic-era Allmans employed. The plan, according to Judson Spillyards, is to, over the course of two sets, play all of the self-titled debut album and visit a number of the hits — “In Memory of Elizabeth Reed,” “Hot ‘lanta” and “Don’t Keep Me Wonderin.’ “