Luciano Trigos, at Fayetteville Underground

  • Luciano Trigos, at Fayetteville Underground

It’s late on Monday and I’m back from the dead, appropriately enough for Halloween. Other duties done and it’s time to blog about Fayetteville Underground’s new morphtheorg website, where it asks art fans to vote on a new name for the organization and suggest a place the artists’ collective might move to. The FU is losing its space on the square at the first of January; this Thursday’s First Thursday gallery opening and the December opening will be the last at One E. Center.


Coming on Thursday to FU: “Progressive Hemofiction,” paintings by Luciano Trigos; “Gravity,” photographs of Flores Island in the Azores by Dana Idlet; “Tea Time,” pottery by Gailen Hudson; and drawings and watercolors by Chad Sims.