Clear Channel recently laid off dozens of DJs at stations around the country.

  • Clear Channel recently laid off dozens of DJs at stations around the country.

Perhaps you’ve already read about the dozens of DJs that Clear Channel laid off recently at radio stations around the country. If not, but you were wondering why it had been a while since you’d heard Rick Steel on KSSN 96 or Bob Terrell at 105.1 The Wolf or Kelly Boom at 100.3 The Edge or Anastasia on 93.3 The Eagle up in Northwest Arkansas, well that’s why.


“People were affected in all of our regional markets as far as I know,” said Ron Collar, general manager for Clear Channel’s Little Rock stations. But he would not confirm which people were let go or even how many.

“It’s not our policy to talk about personnel matters,” Collar said.


However, none of the aforementioned on-air voices are still listed on their respective stations’ websites. The Times called 93.3 The Eagle and asked to speak to Anastasia, but was told she no longer worked there. An e-mail sent to Rick Steel was not returned.

According to a New York Times story, Clear Channel’s recent firings “signaled the continuation of a several-years-old strategy that replaces locally produced programming with less costly nationally syndicated shows.”


Clear Channel “has a lot of assets to pull from, as large as they are. And they look for areas, especially in tough economic times, to run as efficiently as possible,” Collar said.

As for whether the layoffs mean Little Rock listeners might hear more non-local DJs on the airwaves, Collar said it was a possibility.