Chris Clunk Selby, right, is once more booking bands in Northwest Arkansas.

  • Chris “Clunk” Selby, right, is once more booking bands in Northwest Arkansas.

Great news for live music fans in Northwest Arkansas: Chris “Clunk” Selby is back in the game, according to KUAF 91.3 and The Fayetteville Flyer.


That’s right, the man who brought Les Savy Fav, Built to Spill, At the Drive-In, Modest Mouse, The Shins, Royal Trux, The Dismemberment Plan, Pinback, Enon, Trans Am, The Make-Up, Lightning Bolt, TV on the Radio, Melt Banana, !!!, Wesley Willis, Ted Leo, Nomeansno, …Trail of Dead, Smog, The Mountain Goats, Wolf Parade, The Black Heart Procession and like a zillion other bands to Fayetteville is once again booking shows.

Clunk started out modestly way back in the olden days of 1995, running a tiny record shop — a store within a store, really — inside his uncle’s newsstand. From there, he began booking wandering, homeless punk rock bands to play in skate parks, basements, living rooms and various other semi-official, sorta legal-ish venues. In 1998, he rented out a building on College Avenue that had formerly been a gym and also maybe a boat parts retail store. That became Clunk Music Hall, home of many legendary all-ages shows and fond, if fuzzy, memories for folks who lived in Fayetteville back then. He closed the place in ’02 and opened Clunk Records at another spot on College and booked shows at actual bars until he decided to give up the music biz for a career as an electrician.


Selby is no longer an electrician, but operates a food delivery service called C.H.E.W., or Clunk’s Hungry Express Wagon (motto: “Get Hungry and Get Lazy”). For a nominal fee, Selby offers home delivery of food from more than a dozen restaurants in the downtown/Dickson Street area.

The man and his legacy are so beloved that you can still buy T shirts for his record store, which doesn’t exist anymore.


For his first show in five years and change, Selby has Morning Teleportation out of Portland, Ore., playing at The Dickson Theater on Dec. 15.