Mutton Biriyani and Veggie Curry

Curry in a Hurry, at 1800 Pike Avenue in North Little Rock, had its grand opening on November 11. The restaurant is a tiny, home-style Indian affair, owned by the same family that operates the adjoining convenience store. Sahil Hameerani runs the restaurant, and his father does the cooking.

“My concept was for people to take it and go, but then I thought I would offer some on site dining,” said Hameerani. “It’s a rough neighborhood, so I put up curtains for privacy.” There are two private dining areas which seat about six people each, although Hameerani can get creative if the need arises. “Once we had a huge family in here. We made the whole place into a table and put a sign out that said reserved except for take away.”

Alll food is cooked fresh on-site, and Hameerani is currently working on a combo menu. A single meal ranges from $10 to 15.

“Chicken 65 is a popular appetizer,” said Hameerani. “People always ask, is this 65 pieces of chicken? I laugh and say no.” Chicken 65 is slow marinated, deep fried, whole chicken. He also recommends “anything masala. It’s thicker and spicier than curry.”

The Hameerani family hails from Hyderbaad in south India, although Sahil’s path took him from university in Canada and down through New York City before he landed in Little Rock four years ago. He operated gas stations before starting his own businesses. The Hameeranis also own Unique Threading Salon in Pleasant Ridge Center, which opened in July.