The Big Cats latest album is out Tuesday.

  • The Big Cats latest album is out Tuesday.

Since time immemorial, new albums have dropped on Tuesday, and thus it is so with the long-running Little Rock rock ‘n’ roll combo The Big Cats, whose latest — “The Ancient Art of Leaving: High & Low” — arrives tomorrow on Max Recordings. Or at least, the first half of it will.


For their follow-up to 2007’s “On Tomorrow,” the Cats dragged in more than two dozen songs — dang near 80 minutes of pounding drums and chiming guitars. That’s quite a haul, so according to an inside source, the guys in the band opted to split up the affair into two 40-minute CDs, the second of which is set to for a March release. But wait! There’s more. In May, all 25 tunes will be packaged together in a 3-LP set.

You can get a free copy of the CD by pre-ordering tickets to the annual Big Cats Christmas show, Dec. 23 at White Water Tavern. There’s a 6 p.m. all-ages show for the youngsters and the oldsters, and a 9 p.m. show for everyone who’s still capable of staying out late.


You can buy a digital version of the album here.

Check out the track “King of Brief” from the new album: