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Shea Hembrey, whom you’ve read about here, was featured in the New York Times Magazine published yesterday. The Times looked at Hembrey’s book “Seek,” which purports to be a biennial catalog of work by 100 artists — including “the artist Mart Meyer, who lives in Dallas and photographs what he sees almost moment by moment” and “Chinese artist Ju Hu, who created a large-scale work examining the “malleable flow of time” as he camped out in an autumnal forest and tried to tape every fallen leaf back onto its tree” — all of whom are a creation of Hembrey. The Times describes the artist, who now lives in New Jersey, thusly:


Hembrey is a gentle presence. He speaks in a soft Southern drawl and tells looping stories involving things like tornadoes, all-terrain vehicles and wandering armadillos, mostly originating in his hometown, Hickory Grove, Ark., which at last count had a population of 129. He will, when the moment calls for it, shout a thoroughly unironic “Go-llleee!” His mother is a hairdresser, his sister an Army wife and his father recently retired after a long career as a factory worker. Hembrey, who has two master’s degrees in studio art and keeps his toenails painted a glimmering shade of silver, can seem both folksy and ethereal at the same time.

Hembrey, 37, explained his work on the “biennial” on TED in March; see the video here.