The See plays White Water Tavern Tuesday night.

  • The See plays White Water Tavern Tuesday night.

10 p.m. White Water Tavern. $5.


Word comes along that the bearded warriors of The See have been hard at it finishing up their newest platter, “Pretending and Ending.”

I think one of the songs on it is called “Hey,” a demo version of which is available on the band’s MySpace page, and it’s a good’n. It’s got a tender touch. It’s not as bruising as the band sounds live. Or once sounded live — it’s been a while since I saw The See.


Also, I hear tell that there might be a special treat for the first hunnert or so folks through the door. Wonder what that might be? Perhaps a recording of some of those new songs? I’m not one who’s given over to idle speculation, but that’d be pretty sweet. Also performing: Coach, the promising local rock act.

UPDATE: Here’s a preview track from that new See album.


The See ~ Lines and Miles by Sellout Music