To all the people on top of whose toes I jumped last night, I apologize. Lucero‘s Wednesday night show at the Rev Room was a raucous, but jovial, one. The band launched into the set with “That Much Further West” and pounded out crowd favorites for the next couple of hours. It didn’t matter if it was an older tune like “Raising Hell,” or a somewhat unfamiliar song off their forthcoming album “Women and Work,” the crowd absolutely ate it up. The set list included a couple of new songs including “Women and Work” and “On My Way Downtown.” Beers were raised to older favorites like “Drink ’til We’re Gone” and “My Best Girl.”


By the end of the night, folks had their arms around people they didn’t even know, shouting lyrics at the top of their lungs. Rev was packed to the gills with people who were, like me, tired and stressed from all the last minute Christmas hubbub and looking for a way to cut loose. Lucero provided the perfect background music and looked like they were having just as much fun as the crowd.