Just over four years ago I was pestering the crap outta Max. I was a newly minted freelancer with a budding new blog, and I wanted to make it big some day. Max was kind to me, and while he didn’t put anything I’d written to that point in print, he did put a link on Eat Arkansas to that particular blog entry, a little piece about Ms. Lena’s pie shop in DeValls Bluff.


Fast forward to late October 2008. I was heavily pregnant with my daughter and barely squeaking out a living writing about the placed I’d visited. I got this email from Max asking if I’d like to be a paid contributor to Eat Arkansas. I responded that it might be difficult, since I was barely mobile at that point and I might not get out again until Hunter was born. I was told “no worries” and I started to write about anything I thought was pertinent.