INDULGENT:  A chili cheeseburger from The Hop.

  • Kat Robinson
  • INDULGENT: A chili cheeseburger from The Hop.

My first question: will there be competition between the two locations in Little Rock known as The Hop? Because yes indeed, right now there are two different restaurants offering burgers, fries and shakes with the same name that aren’t connected to each other.


Indeed, this incarnation of The Hop Drive In on Cantrell Road is being run by the same folks that run Bob and Scottie’s Dairy Barn in Benton. And let me tell you, this is a very, very good thing.

UPDATE: A little more about the owners: Two years ago Bob and Scottie Viall opened Bob and Scottie’s Dairy Barn in the old Garry’s Drive-In space in Benton (a legendary locale, where, Scottie said proudly, a scene in “Slingblade” was filmed). Last year, the landlord for The Hop space recruited the Vialls to expand into Little Rock and about three weeks ago they opened. The menu is nearly identical at Bob and Scottie’s and The Hop, Scottie said, but added that she and her husband plan to serve the barbecue sandwich that’s popular in Benton in Little Rock as soon as they can add some equipment.