SL Jones image

It’s been awhile since we last checked in with our favorite rappin’ expat in Atlanta S.L. Jones. But it looks like he’s on the come-up. And he’s dabbling with weirdness.


Exhibit A: his online description of the sort of emo, vaguely experimental EP he put out in the fall and is available to stream or download for free via Bandcamp:

The title of this one is Pandamonium, but all the production was pulled from Clams Casino’s Rainforest EP. The title of his original EP — the song titles all relating back to the rainforest theme — it kept bringing me back to one of my favorite animals: Pandas. A Panda in a state of rage and confusion — the amount of destruction it can cause — is a powerful and rare thing to see, and with the personal and legal struggles I’ve been dealing with these past few months — there’s a lot of my own rage and confusion, maybe even destruction — and all of that is what inspired these songs. Maybe it sounds corny on paper? I dunno, but at least it inspired some interesting music.

Exhibit B: This fantastic song from his latest album, “Flight Risk,” which is also free to stream or download via Bandcamp (and features much-loved incarcerated Little Rock rapper E-Dubb).


Dig that shout out to 23rd and Wolfe Street. And the beat from weirdo producer du jour Young L.


Little Rock!