Post-POTUS, Jimmy Carter took to building houses for the needy, Bill Clinton went to work fighting world poverty, and George W. Bush finally got around to finishing that bitchin’ Lego castle he never had time to work on while he was busy invading countries and destroying the economy. When Obama’s afterglow years come (sorry, Repubs, we’re not talking next year. Your field is weak enough that he’s looking like a lock on the office until 2016 unless he gets revealed to be an Iranian cyborg), let’s hope he takes up R&B music. Who knew the guy had a hell of a voice?

Here’s Barry O last night during a fundraiser at NYC’s legendary Apollo Theater, crooning out the first few bars of Arkansas music legend Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together.” Verdict: not too shabby.

We’re starting to see why Michelle always has that lovely smile on her face.