Damien Echols — on tour promoting with wife Lorri Davis and “West of Memphis” director Amy Berg while promoting the new doc — gives Democracy Now! the most revealing interview we’ve seen so far on what life was like in jail, and what it’s been like since he got out of prison, including details on his new memoir that’s due out next September from Penguin press.

DEMOCRACY NOW: What has surprised you most about being free? And do you feel free?


DAMIEN ECHOLS: I do. I do feel free. But there are still a lot of things that are really overwhelming to me and things that I’m just having to slowly learn, you know, a lot of things about technology. You know, whenever I went in, there was no such thing as the internet, as far as I knew. I had never seen it. The last time I had seen a computer was 1986, and it was basically a giant glorified typewriter for really rich people. You know, that’s basically all it was good for. There were cell phones, but once again, they were things that only really wealthy people had, and they were these giant contraptions that you didn’t see out on the street anywhere, that was mostly something you saw in movies. So, you know, it really is stepping into a complete new world for me.