The Garden at Jimmy's Serious Sandwiches

I’ve heard so much about the awarding-winning Garden sandwich at Jimmy’s Serious Sandwiches that I decided to stop in for a quick lunch yesterday. Little did I realize, Jimmy’s at noon on a weekday is not entirely conducive to buzzing in, buzzing out. Every table was full, and it seems those in the know call their orders in. I ordered my sandwich and was handed a number — 35, yikes. But the wait went quickly (ten minutes on the bench by the door, perusing the aptly placed Arkansas Times), and then I had my styrofoam lunch box in hand: one The Garden with a side of tomato barley soup.


Worth the wait. Worth the wait. D-e-f-i-n-i-t-e-l-y worth the wait. Soft, sharp pumpernickel bread, salty-gooey cheese, loads of fresh-tasting sauteed green stuff (spinach pate, according to the menu), slick mushrooms, crunchy sunflower seeds and earthy sprouts. Warm, comforting, slightly oily and perfectly hearty — this sandwich gets everything right. (Of course, I’d go with a wee handful of extra sunflower seeds, but the skimping is forgivable, considering that post-consumption, I found myself in a happy-just-to-be-here state).

The tomato barley soup was also good, but after The Garden, it’s barely worth mentioning. It had a strong rosemary flavor, which I appreciated, but the stock was a little thin. It did host lots of barely, another plus. My first encounter with Jimmy’s, on a sunny Spring-is-coming day, was very pleasant.


Tomato barley soup