While it’s been a few years since we wet a hook, the thought of fried fish with a side of cold, hard cash is enough to get us thinking about going to Wally World for a new Zebco and a box of crickets. A new contest, called the $50,000 Hot Springs Fishing Challenge, will feature cash prizes of up to $10,000 for anyone who catches one of 53 tagged fish that will be released into Lake Hamilton and Lake Catherine. The contest, sponsored by Visit Hot Springs, runs from 6 a.m. May 1 through 5 p.m. July 31, and is open to anyone with a valid Arkansas fishing license.


Nine largemouth bass, nine bluegill, nine catfish, nine striped bass, nine crappie and eight walleye will be released in secret prior to May 1. One fish will be tagged with a prize of $10,000. The other fish will be worth prizes varying from $5,000 to $250. The tags will have a phone number to contact in order to claim the prize.

The rules say no prizes will be handed out to anyone “who does not comply with state and local laws, codes, rules and regulations,” so no dynamitin’ and shockin’ em, Billy Joe.


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