Crack Clown, by a veteran in the Creative Expressions program

  • “Crack Clown,” by a veteran in the Creative Expressions program

The Starving Artist Cafe is hosting the show “From Cardboard to Canvas,” works by veterans who are homeless or who have been homeless and who are in treatment at the VA’s day center in Little Rock. There will be a reception for the artists and the public from 6 until 8 March 17, at the restaurant, 411 Main St. in Argenta. Max has blogged about the exhibit today as well.


Stephanie Goins, a licensed social worker with a background in the arts, conducts the Creative Expressions program at the VA Medical Center Health Care for Homeless Veterans at 2nd and Ringo, at the St. Francis House treatment center and at the Wilbur D. Mills center Searcy. Veterans work in groups to create groups centered around themes, such as homelessness. From the press release:

The art allows the Veterans to have a positive, stress reducing, and productive activity. Furthermore it provides an outlet for them to express themselves in a creative way. Often words are not able to communicate the complex issues that homeless Veterans encounter. By using a visual means of expression the Veterans are able to better understand themselves and better relate to others. The groups have been very successful thus far and are a positive aspect of the Veterans’ treatment.

The works will be on display at Starving Artist through the month.