Amasa Hines plays White Water Tavern Friday night.

  • Amasa Hines plays White Water Tavern Friday night.

10 p.m. White Water Tavern. $7.

We’ve written a little bit about Amasa Hines, a relatively new outfit with folks from Velvet Kente and Romany Rye. But after hearing “Earth and Sky,” which the band released online a few weeks ago, we’ve gotta put this out there: Amasa Hines just might be the best band in Little Rock right now. At a minimum, they’re the best band that isn’t even a year old.

For serious, “Earth and Sky” is hot. Hot! It’s soulful, sweaty rock ‘n’ roll, with gritty guitars, a deep-in-the-pocket rhythm section, the best use of falsetto I’ve heard since forever and a rippin’ saxophone solo. The band’s Facebook bio comes across all demure: “It’s just music. It’s trying to play clean and looking for the pretty notes.” Well guys, I think you found all of ’em.


Check out “Earth and Sky” after the jump.