Real Estate plays Revolution Monday night.

  • Real Estate plays Revolution Monday night.

8 p.m. Revolution. $12.


The name Real Estate might have an appealing, Pavement-like plainness to it, but where Pavement’s name belied its sprawling, omnivorous guitar rock, Real Estate’s sound is mostly neat-as-hedgerows jangle pop that never raises too much of a ruckus.

The Jersey band was last in town in 2009, supporting its self-titled debut. That album was an odds-‘n’-sods collection of singles that felt remarkably cohesive, sorta like The Clientele’s “Suburban Light,” which had a similar reverb-soaked sound. Their latest, last year’s “Days” sounded like a natural progression, with more of the clean-sounding guitars and lilting melodies and faintly melancholic vibe.


If you’ve been digging on the similarly forlorn pop of Girls or Smith Westerns and somehow haven’t checked out Real Estate, here you go.

Opening the show are the Flying Nun adherents The Twerps, all the way from Melbourne, VIC.