OK, admittedly there is no Arkansas entertainment connection to this post, but Axl Rose‘s letter laying out, in great detail, for your elucidation, so that there’s no further questions about reunions, so that we can all just move past the past and get on with things, about why he’s declining to join his former bandmates at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony is so ramblingly awesome that I just had to post it here.


Prime excerpts:

“The only reason, at this point, under the circumstances, in my opinion whether under the guise of ‘for the fans’ or whatever justification of the moment, for anyone to continue to ask, suggest or demand a reunion are misguided attempts to distract from our efforts with our current lineup of myself, Dizzy Reed, Tommy Stinson, Frank Ferrer, Richard Fortus, Chris Pitman, Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal and DJ Ashba,” Rose wrote.



“So let sleeping dogs lie or lying dogs sleep or whatever. Time to move on. People get divorced. Life doesn’t owe you your own personal happy ending especially at another’s, or in this case several others’, expense.”


Got that? Cool.

Also: Oh yeah, I guess I forgot, but Tommy Stinson is in Guns N’ Roses.

The rest of the letter is after the jump.