Colour Revolt plays Stickyz Saturday night.

  • Colour Revolt plays Stickyz Saturday night.

8 p.m. Stickyz. $10 adv., $12 d.o.s.

Colour Revolt is a Mississippi outfit that has been at it for a few years, though in a different configuration than it was at the outset. Early in the band’s life, they signed to Interscope, which released their first EP on one of its subsidiaries. That release got quite a bit of interest, including the attentions of Oxford label Fat Possum, which released the group’s 2008 full-length debut, “Plunder, Beg, And Curse.”

While “Plucky Mississippi indie label snatches hot up-and-coming band from the jaws of the majors” makes for a compelling storyline, the relationship wasn’t to endure. Three of the five band members quit and Fat Possum dropped the band. Jesse Coppenbarger and Sean Kirkpatrick could’ve just called it a day, but they opted to forge ahead, finding replacements for their erstwhile band mates, recording a sophomore album and creating their own imprint, New Fear. In a press release, Coppenbarger said New Fear was the result of “a collapse of interest between the band and Fat Possum. We fell apart. We felt that no one was representing us but us. We lost some brothers, survived and came out feeling like we could do this on our own and better. ‘The Cradle’ will prove that.”


So does it? I think so. Whereas “Plunder” seemed plodding to these ears, “The Cradle” charges out of the gate with “8 Years,” which documents the travails and pitfalls of playing music and touring and partying hard with your best friends. The rest of the album doesn’t quite live up to the righteous raucousness of that tune, but its themes of loss and trouble are maintained for the duration of the album, which has a more proggy feel than anything the band has done before, and points to the possibility of things to come.

Opening the show is the intense local rock act Velvet Kente.