Work by Orit Hofshi

  • Work by Orit Hofshi

Art’s in the air in Fayetteville as the Walton Arts Center kicks off Artosphere 2012, its annual event celebrating nature, art and sustainability. On Thursday, “Structuring Nature,” an exhibit of work by Orit Hofshi, Andrew Moore, Serena Perrone, Ben Peterson and Randall Exon, opens in the Joy Pratt Markham Gallery with a reception from 5-7 p.m., just prior to the evening’s “Conversation with Michael Pollan” in the theater.


Randall Exon, Lift

  • Randall Exon, “Lift”

Guest curator for the show is Andrea Packard, painter and gallery director at Swarthmore College. Packard will talk about the work in the exhibit.


Ben Peterson, Gung Ho

  • Ben Peterson, “Gung Ho”

A bit about the artists, from information supplied by the Arts Center:


Israel-born woodcut artist Orit Hofshi addresses geographical and political issues (his style is vaguely reminiscent of David Bailin’s). Connecticut artist Andrew Moore‘s subject matter juxtaposes man-made buildings and nature, frequently using buildings that have been abandoned for long periods of time. St. Louis artist Serena Perrone‘s mixed media addresses the longing to have a balance between culture and nature, sometimes with intentionally incomplete-appearing work. California artist Ben Peterson draws structures that are not physically sound as symbolic of our strained relationship with nature. Swarthmore professor Randall Exon depicts man-made structures and nature in harmony.

Serena Perrone, In Our Cinematic Lives

  • Serena Perrone, “In Our Cinematic Lives