Cassuty, The Chopping Block

  • Cassity, “The Chopping Block”

Taylor’s Contemporanea, 204 Exchange St., is hosting an exhibit of photorealist paintings by Louisiana artist Daniel Mark Cassity. Cassity, who works in oil on panel, will show 20 still lifes that combine disparate objects — a shell, a toy pig, a meat cleaver — “to evoke humor” or tell a story. Gallery walk reception is 6-9 p.m. tonight.


The work begs to be compared with the still lifes of Daniel Massad on exhibit at the Arkansas Arts Center. The skill with which Massad’s pastels are rendered — down to the slight freckles on the pears, the glazes on the bowls — is nearly incomprehensible.

Massad, at the Arts Center

  • Massad, at the Arts Center