Fluke No. 10 is out now.

  • Fluke No. 10 is out now.

Hot off the presses, it’s the latest issue of Fluke fanzine, Matthew Thompson‘s long-running chronicle of the DIY punk underground in Arkansas and points beyond. Issue No. 10 has actually been out for about three weeks now, but I only just this morning got my supple and un-calloused mitts on a copy.

This ish is heavy on the interviews, with Matt and his contributors sitting down to chat with a character known as Alex the Russian, Burt Taggart of The Big Cats and Max Recordings renown, author (and former member of Blatz!) Anna Joy Springer and Bay Area punk bands Mystic Knights of the Cobra and Emily’s Army.

Also featured is a reminiscence from Phoenix, Ariz. punk rocker Steve Davis about reading punk zines back in the ’70s, and a piece about the influence of pioneering punk vocalist Alice Bag from Little Rock native J-kNee January, of Seattle band The Januariez. On a somewhat related note: This song by The Bags gave me chills when I first encountered it on a Dangerhouse comp cassette when I was 17, and it still does today. Alice Bag’s scream at 1:18 is primal and scary and awesome. It is the best scream in the history of music.