If there was any argument that programming a series of short films into a feature-length block could elevate or detract from each of the films, it was settled with the Warm-Blood Cold-Hearted series of shorts. The first film, the exceptional “Shattered,” set the bar high, and while none of the ones that followed reached those lofty heights, there were some well-crafted local films that recognized both the limitations and possibilities of a short.

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With an off balance washing machine in the opening scene providing a visual and auditory sensation of entering a simmering cauldron of psychosis, “Shattered” features a classic, stylized domesticity that has been rendered to the film’s title. The carefully orchestrated cinematography, editing and sound effects combine for an unnerving, haunting experience. Describing the film as Lynchian seems more appropriate than any other film I’ve seen of the same vein, whether a short or feature length. As the plot progresses, it becomes increasingly unclear whether the wife, husband, or both are at the heart of the madness. It would be a shame if writer and director Edmund Prince and cinematographer Gabe Mayhan didn’t collaborate further on future projects.