Hot weather, like mosquitoes or bacon-tomato sandwiches, is just a part of life in Arkansas. But no matter if you’re the sort of person who hides indoors during the season of heat soaking up the air conditioning or if you’re a sun-worshipping summer lover, you might find yourself in need for something to aid you against the blast furnace of an Arkansas summer. Fear not – our local brewers are here to help. Little Rock’s local beer scene might not be as highly developed as other places, but there’s good beer being made and poured here, and no better time to have a pint to soothe the savage summer.


Vino’s Pizzeria and Brew Pub has long been one of my favorite places to lift a glass, although it’s true that the quality of the brew has been up and down over the years. Right now, under the direction of brewmaster Josiah Moody, the beer at Vino’s is better than it’s ever been, so if it’s been awhile since you’ve had a slice and a glass, you can definitely find some summertime refreshment worth your time. The Rainbow Wheat is a classic heffeweisse with a citrusy, sweet flavor that will hit your hot spots better than lemonade. It’s a clean-tasting beer with a spicy finish that’s deceptively smooth and easy to drink. Fans of a less sweet brew will find their summer companion in the foamy, golden Six Bridges Cream Ale. This is the beer you buy for the friend who likes cold Budweiser and doesn’t quite trust something made in a pizza joint – he’ll thank you for showing him a beer that looks like a typical mainstream beer but has a nice grainy flavor with just enough soft malt to round it out. Both of these beers are winners, and available to take home in a growler in case you were needing something to revive you after a long day of lawn-mowing.