Blackberry Smoke plays at Revolution Thursday night.

  • Blackberry Smoke plays at Revolution Thursday night.

8:30 p.m. Revolution. $12 adv., $15 day of.

Here’s what you’re gettin’ with Georgia rockers Blackberry Smoke: crunchy, funky, bluesy, countrified, chooglin’ rock ‘n’ roll cut from the same tattered denim as the Allmans, Skynyrd, The Black Crowes, Marshall Tucker and such.

Listening to Blackberry Smoke is kinda like chowing down on a really good charcoal-grilled cheeseburger and washing it down with an ice-cold Lite beer — it’s not the most original or sophisticated thing ever, but it’s familiar and satisfying and sometimes nothing else will do. I bet their live shows are raucous affairs with lots of whoopin’ and hollerin’ and funny smellin’ smoke.


The songs are pretty much just about gettin’ your drink on, takin’ ‘er easy, raisin’ some hell, rollin’ like a freight train, boogiein’ down, goin’ up in smoke and generally lettin’ it all hang out. The band’s latest album, “The Whippoorwill,” is due out Aug. 14 on Zac Brown’s Sacred Ground label. It’s a solid collection that sounds great and could be the thing that helps catapult them to a wider audience and bigger stages.