Rural War Room just released the Soviet Life EP.

  • Rural War Room just released the “Soviet Life” EP.

The international left-field weirdo music collective known as Rural War Room recently released a new EP titled “Soviet Life.”

It’s a collaboration between RWR’s Little Rock bureau, a.k.a. Donavan Suitt and Byron Werner, and the electronic artists Xykogen and History of Guns, both out of London.

According to a communique from RWR, the EP was recorded to “honor Soviet artists past, present and future, twenty years after the Russian republic majority signing of the Federation treaty that would change a nation forever.”

You can buy the EP from iTunes, eMusic or Google Play. It’s also on Spotify, or if you’re of the gotta-have-a-physical-copy-of-it persuasion, you can buy the CD right here.

I know they’re not Russian, but the topic of Soviet music makes me think of this fascinatingly weird and beautiful record.

After the jump, you can check out a sample from “Soviet Life.”