As I walked out of the theater at Breckenridge Village, after sitting through the longest 110 minutes of my life watching “Magic Mike” do cartwheels around a stage in his underwear, I thought to myself, “How did my life come to this? I need a pick-me-up.” As I raised my head, my eye beheld the key to my recovery…cupcakes. Oh sweet sugar, you save me once again. Eat your heart out, Channing Tatum. Who needs a six-pack anyways?

Tracy Cakes, a family-owned bakery, hidden away in the Breckenridge plaza, is difficult to see from any major roads in the area, but it may just be the first thing you see as you exit the theater. Tracy Cakes (alleged sister of Patty Cakes, mother of Baby Cakes) specializes in the omnipresent cupcake. The bakery offers around 10-12 different varieties daily. Some are the expected standards, chocolate, red velvet, vanilla, but some are a bit more unique without being ridiculous (i.e. no fried chicken, wasabi, or black-eyed peas).

It’s fairly easy, in my opinion, to evaluate cupcakes. It basically comes down to two things, the cake and the frosting. Too often I’ve sampled new cupcake shops and found one part to be excellent and the other to be weak. While I found Tracy Cakes tasty overall, the frosting definitely outshines the cake in this case. This is not to say the cake was awful, but it was a little too dense and dry for my tastes. The frostings, however, rescued the whole dessert, adding the right balance of richness and sweetness, without any hint of that terrible sugar graininess bad frosting can take on.

Among my favorites was the puckerrific lemon-curd cupcake. A dense lemon buttercream frosting sits atop a vanilla cake filled with a dollop of lemon curd. So much better than plain old chocolate without being too gaudy or flashy, just refreshing and tangy. The banana cake with whipped peanut butter frosting and chocolate drizzle was another honorable mention, but perhaps my favorite was a white wedding cake style cupcake with vanilla frosting and a thick layer of white chocolate shavings. It was simple in design but it’s the first time I’ve had this particular flavor. I’d definitely recommend picking up a couple of these little crowd-pleasers.

I’ll certainly stop by Tracy Cakes next time I am in the area, perhaps after my next visit to the nearby theater, only this time, I’m hoping its after exiting a movie with a bit more to offer than regret and shame…perhaps that excellent looking Katy Perry flick?

Tracy Cakes
Breckenridge Village
10301 Rodney Parham Ste E3
Little Rock