It’s not everyday that you see a dedicated cookie store. I sometimes wonder why this is so. Obviously, the cupcake shops continue to explode across the country and seem to show no signs of stopping anytime soon, and their predecessors, the regular ole’ cake shop, will likely always be relevant so long as there are birthdays, weddings, and baby showers. You’ll occasionally see a dedicated pie shop, which I adore with my whole heart, but these are much less common than they were in days past. But not many cookie shops. I’ve been to a few in my life, and I’ve eaten some truly spectacular cookies, and were there more shops to be found I could easily find myself becoming a regular patron. It’s darn near impossible to be grumpy with a cookie in your clutches. And the options are nearly endless, the sheer variety of cookie possibilities makes a dedicated cookie shop not only a wonderful idea, but almost an American necessity in my mind. And don’t try to tell me that the generic, artificially-flavored mall cookie shop run by some pimple-faced 16-year old is going to cut it. It ain’t.


Kris and Sam’s Cookie Store is headed by owner and cookie mastermind, Vicki Adams. Located at the corner of Bowman and Kanis, they are housed in a rather indiscrete shop, with an indiscrete sign hovering just below a larger more prominent sign for some cleaners. It’s not the kind of place you typically go looking for cookies. Nonetheless, if cookies are to be had, in many of their glorious varieties, Kris and Sam’s can fulfill all your wildest chocolate chip speckled dreams.


As you walk through the doors of Kris and Sam’s you are immediately confronted with a large display case chock full of beautiful cookies from end-to-end. They offer no less than two-dozen different varieties of cookies, brownies, cake balls, and other sweet treats. Narrowing your cookie selections can be a rather daunting process, but luckily, the prices here are so reasonable, your cookie selections are likely going to be more limited by your stomach space than your wallet. And if you want to think about your cookies over lunch, they are also offering a sizable variety of lunch box classics like grilled cheese sandwiches, pimento cheese, chef salads, wraps, and roasted chicken breast salad.