Red Octopus Theater has satisfied the need for outlandish comedy in Little Rock since 1991 and its recent “Hey Boo!” installment met the challenge, once again using thespian talent and sock puppetry to spoof everything from politics to personal hygiene. Classic horror movies and characters (Freddie Krueger, “The Exorcist,” ” A Clockwork Orange,” and various Muppets) popped up in the show. The three-day run from Thursday through Saturday brought a sold-out show to the Public Theatre on Center Street.


Sandy Baskin’s dramatic facial expressions, Brian Chambers’ infectious stage energy, Christina Wang’s bloodcurdling screams and Aaron Bell’s delightful ode to chocolate all made the show well worth the price of admission. The laughs were ongoing with David Weatherly, Leslie Dancer, Alli Clark, Michael Goodbar and several sock puppets, all leaving us looking forward to the Christmas show.

These performers never fail to test the boundaries of social conventions with their physical comedic delivery and creative use of song lyrics and poetry. No topic is off limits. The upcoming Christmas show promises to bring back actors who take a show off now and again only to reappear in some of the most popular recurring themes.


With Red Octopus performances, a couple of pre-show libations never hurt, something the cast will tell you at the onset. To paraphrase, “The more you drink, the funnier we are.” However, several non-drinking friends have attested to the hilarity of the shows, so drinking is not mandatory for a good time.

Admission is $10 (or $8 for military personnel and senior citizens) and $458 for children (according to the Red Octopus Facebook page). In other words, their shows are not for kids.


If you’re interested in checking out Red Octopus Theater, be advised to get their early as seating is limited and they don’t take reservations.

Tammy Williams contributed to this review.