The Flaming Lips play Barnhill Arena Sunday night.

  • Michelle Martin Coyne
  • The Flaming Lips play Barnhill Arena Sunday night.

8 p.m. Barnhill Arena. $35.


The University of Arkansas’s Headliner Concert Committee scores again on this one. The Flaming Lips probably need little in the way of introduction, but if you haven’t been paying attention since “She Don’t Use Jelly” was in heavy rotation, here’s the deal: The Flaming Lips are one of the most adventurous, restless, improbably long running bands to come out of the American underground rock scene.

How many observers back in the mid ’80s would’ve pegged that a trio of acid-fried Oklahomans with a serious penchant for The Butthole Surfers would not only survive, but evolve over the decades, mutating from deliriously over-driven guitar pop to widescreen, sophisticated psych-pop majesty to daringly weird and dark noise rock and collaborations with artists from across the pop spectrum?