If you spend any time at all reading Eat Arkansas or the Arkansas Times, you may have noticed that we’ve got a thing for taco trucks. For me, no matter what I’m doing, it’s almost impossible for me to pass one of these mobile deliciousness vendors without stopping the car and stuffing my face with grilled meat wrapped in a toasted corn tortilla. The Geyer Springs Road area is the epicenter for excellent trucks, and one of my new favorites is the K-Lienttos Taqueria, a brightly painted truck parked next to the Sonic. For the bargain price of just $1.25 per taco, K-Lienttos serves up beef, pork, chicken, and lengua topped with fresh diced onions and cilantro along with a cup of their tangy salsa verde.

The best taco filling coming from this truck is the pastor, a flavorful marinated pork that is meltingly tender. Running a close second is the barbacoa, a chewy spiced beef that had me craving another bite after everything was gone. Like all good taco trucks, K-Lienttos is quick with your order, making it the perfect spot to stop on a lunch break or for a quick snack. A selection of Jarritos drinks and real-sugar Mexican Cokes round out the menu to provide the perfect taco truck experience. K-Lienttos Taqueria is located near the intersection of Geyer Springs and Forbing Road, right next to the Sonic, and they’re a must-try for all you taco truck aficionados.