Pulled pork sliders with Dr. Pepper BBQ sauce from Dogtown Coffee and Cookery

  • Pulled pork sliders with Dr. Pepper BBQ sauce from Dogtown Coffee and Cookery

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday yesterday. My stomach is beginning to forgive me for the abuse I put him through, hope yours is as well. Now that the Christmas madness is officially starting to set in, we hope you’ll remember to support your local restaurants and shops during all your running around. Got family coming into town? Turn them on to some of the best food Arkansas has to offer. My in-laws are here to visit and in my never-ending attempts to please, we’ll be hitting up Ashley’s, ZaZa, The Root Café, Local Lime and a number of other local favorites.

This Food Feedback Friday, we’d like to hear all about your wonderful food-filled week! Perhaps you spent more time in your own kitchen than in restaurants, so why not share with us some of your favorite uses for Thanksgiving leftovers? Our house will likely be whipping up some turkey, bacon, and blue cheese sandwiches, and probably a pot of turkey and sage chowder. If you’ve got any left over pie, try throwing them in a blender with a scoop of ice cream and milk, blend, and you’ve got yourself a delicious pie-shake. Got any creative and enticing uses for your Thanksgiving meal? We’d love to hear about it!

As always, share with us your experiences with any local restaurants this week. Last week, we had a nice discussion regarding the best in home-style country cooking and generated a list that included David’s Family Kitchen, Bobby’s Country Kitchen, Cotham’s, and Homer’s. We’d love to hear more about your successes and failures within the Arkansas dining scene or tell us which restaurants you’re hoping to sample in the near future. As always, happy eating!