Cody Belew sang Queens Somebody to Love on Mondays episode of The Voice.

  • Tyler Golden/NBC
  • Cody Belew sang Queen’s “Somebody to Love” on Monday’s episode of “The Voice.”

Beebe native Cody Belew brought out his inner Freddie Mercury, singing Queen’s “Somebody to Love” on last night’s top 8 live performances episode of “The Voice.”


Belew told his coach, CeeLo Green, that he was a student of Mercury’s work and that Green’s choice of “Somebody to Love” was brilliant. “Freddie Mercury is a hero for me,” he said. “That’s who I modeled myself after.”

Green obviously believed Belew had the chops to pull off a signature song from one of the most recognizable and one-of-a-kind pop singers ever. “I gave him this song because I believe that torch can be passed from Freddie Mercury to Cody,” Green said. “This song allows him to show off that big, beautiful voice of his.”


Belew also talked to Green about the difficulties he’d faced after moving to Music City.

“Growing up in Arkansas, surrounded by country music, Nashville is your pilgrimage. But I quickly learned it wasn’t a fairy tale,” Belew said. After facing so much rejection, Belew found himself questioning his direction. “When you’re told ‘no’ so much, it does weaken you.”


Any weakness Belew might have felt was nowhere to be found last night, though. Decked out in a sharp green suit and accompanied by a full gospel choir, he sauntered around the stage with the confidence and poise of a seasoned pro, for a performance that combined truly impressive vocal fireworks and showmanship galore.

Seriously, when he dropped to his knees on top of the piano, it was a moment. Belew has “Star” written all over him, no matter what happens between now and the show’s Dec. 18 finale.

Adam Levine said Belew was great and that “Somebody to Love” was one of his own favorite songs. “I don’t know if you’ve felt this, but Freddie Mercury has this ability to, as a singer, for me at least, expose all my weaknesses.” Levine said he noticed “a couple little things,” but didn’t go into detail. “It was just a really theatrical, really great song choice and you did a fantastic job,” Levine said, adding that “we enjoy everything you do up there.”

Christina Aguilera had praise for the young singer as well. “I think what I enjoy about you is that you’re definitely a risk-taker through and through. and you’re not afraid to keep changing it up,” she said. “It’s not like we all applauded one thing about you one week and then you stuck with that and killed it into the ground.”


Aguilera said Belew has consistently shown other sides of himself. “Every week you come up with something different and I love that,” she said. “It was a good vocal challenge for you and as always, even though you’re not on my team, we need to hang out later.”

Green praised Belew’s “wonderful job, man. I’m just so very proud of your growth, at such an accelerated rate.”

“You make me feel confident about my own heart and my own ears and eyes and instincts, and I love our partnership, I love what we’re accomplishing,” Green said. “You are making some quantum leaps, and most importantly, I’ve found a really good friend in you.”

In a group performance with Team Adam’s Amanda Brown and his Team CeeLo teammates Trevin Hunte and Nicholas David, Belew took to a bunch of scaffolding for a wailing rendition of Journey’s “Any Way You Want It.”

Tune in tonight at 7 p.m. to find out if America voted Belew into the top 6.

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