Storyboard for All the Birds Have Flown South.

  • Abi Post
  • Storyboard for “All the Birds Have Flown South.”

OK, check this: “After the death of his overbearing mother, a sheltered man attempts to win the affection of a degenerate Waffle House waitress by caring for her terminally ill and abusive husband. Soon, their lives begin to unravel as obsession and disease consume them all.”

Intrigued? Does that sound like a story you’d like to see play out on the silver screen? If so, you can help make that a reality by donating to the Indiegogo campaign for “All the Birds Have Flown South,” the latest film from brothers Miles and Josh Miller, of Little Rock. Their short film “Pillow” did pretty well on the festival circuit, screening at 35 festivals around the country and racking up several awards.

“All the Birds” is billed as a “a contemporary Southern Gothic psychological thriller,” according to the campaign, which is seeking $100,000.


All you patrons of the arts who’d like to help the Miller Bros. make their film had better act quickly, though. The campaign ends at 11:59 p.m. Tuesday.

Check out the trailer for “Pillow” after the jump.