Cherries jubilee from Natchez

  • Cherries jubilee from Natchez

It’s time, once again, for Arkansas’ spiciest, most tantalizing, saliva-inducing discussion forum, right here on Food Feedback Friday. Seems like everyone is Little Rock is buzzing about Local Lime these days, and generally speaking, the talk has been favorable. Have you tried it yet? But there’s much more to eat in Arkansas than tacos, so let’s hear about what you’ve been chowing down on. Last week on FFF, we discussed cannoli at D’Carlos, lunch at Café Bossa Nova, gingerbread cookies at Kris and Sam’s Cookie Store (I can attest to their greatness), sarsaparilla phosphate at Loblolly, osso bucco and gnocci over creamy grits from Natchez (an establishment that wins my vote for Best New Restaurant of 2012…which reminds me, have you voted yet on our poll?), pork sliders and pimento cheese from Dogtown Coffee and Cookery, and there were some very kind words for El Porton.


Maybe there’s something you’ve had a hankering for that you just can’t seem to find…maybe your fellow foodies can help. Let us know what you’re searching for. I’ve been wondering if there is anyone out there doing a really fine hot chocolate. Got any suggestions?