Little Rock food truck favorite Michael Juliano — a.k.a. Hot Dog Mikeannounced today on his blog that he’s packing up the hot dog cart and heading to his home state of New Jersey in order to run his family business. Fans of Juliano’s wiener creations have until the end of January to get their fill, and given the level of popularity Hot Dog Mike has attained in Central Arkansas, I hope he’s well stocked for the month — I foresee a run on his product.

In addition to providing a certain level of “cool” to his wares, Juliano has been very active in supporting the local food truck scene as well as charities that help the poor and homeless. Perhaps his most well-known charity event was the creation of the $1501 hot dog, four of which were sold to benefit The One (also known as The Van). Creating the world’s most expensive dog is one thing, but giving all but one dollar of the proceeds to charity is quite another, and it’s a testament to the sort of guy Mike is.

Mike was a regular winner of Readers’ Choice awards from this and other publications. I can’t help but be a little jealous that Jersey is going to get all that hot dog goodness, but from all of us at Eat Arkansas: Best of luck, Mike, and may your new adventures lead you to even greater success — you will be missed.