Surely you’ve heard all about the upcoming Root Cafe/Arkansas Times Beard-Growing Contest, which will go down Feb. 9 at the South Main Mardi Gras celebration.

If you were wondering how all the beards were progressing, you can get a preview here, where contestants have been uploading photos of their ever more hirsute faces.

Also, if you’re in need of a chart with mugshots of all contestants at the outset of the contest, there’s this handy-dandy collection for before and after comparison, created by our design guru Bryan Moats.


“We will be posting exact time and location for the contest judging, along with guest judges and prizes, in the near future,” Root co-founder Jack Sundell said via email.

Also, for clarification: it’s a beard-growing contest, not a beard contest, i.e., that gnarly, crazy-long ZZ Top beard you’ve been sporting for decades is cool and all, but this competition is really all about growing a beard, not just having one. Maybe next year.